soul  sisters  international



Our vision for Soul Sisters was born in 2007.


A small group of women, yearning to explore our faith, 

began to meet weekly to study the Bible.


Using Creative Living International Study Guides  

and The Life Application Study Bible,

we began to learn, share and grow.

Although we had little insight at that time, 

we had a deep faith that God would lead us on this incredible journey.

And, what a journey it's been! 


During the past twelve years, we have met in person,

  in living rooms, backyards as well as virtually week by week. 


We've studied parts of the Old Testament, New Testment  and have discovered and seen how Jesus is woven throughout all of the Bible and into our lives. 


We've traveled to Israel together, we walked where Jesus walked 

and we look forwrd to walking the Camino Trail next year. 


 We've had the honor to write prayer requests and pray for hundreds of people, provide Christmas morning miracles for families in need, provide food for those who are hungry and provide ongoing help to women who desire to begin again. 


God's unconditional love never fails and it's a privilege to serve others through Him.  

Through this website, we hope to reach out and share 

God's unconditional love, one soul at a time.


Although we come from different backgrounds and religious affiliations, 

we have grown deeper as a faith community, all with Christ at the center.

We are one in the bond of love...we are soul sisters!

We invite you to join us and experience the love, wisdom and joy that

God has poured through so many people around the world. 


To God be the glory!


Laura and Priscilla


We are forever grateful to Rev. Neely Towe for her love, support and encouragement.